Structural Steel

Structural steel may include the installation of COLUMNS, BEAMS, TRUSSES, CHANNELS, BRACING, PERIMETER ANGLE, GIRTS, OPENINGS, CANOPIES, and other components which contribute to the structural integrity of the building. These are installed with bolted and or welding connections.

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Open-Web Steel Joists

OWSJ are supplied by joist provider.  OWSJ are installed and connected with X-BRACING, LINE BRIDGING, BOTTOM CHORD EXTENSIONS (BCX).  These are installed with bolted and/or welded connections.

Side top decking

Steel Q-Decking

Q-decking is supplied by the deck provider.  Deck bundles are flown onto installed OWSJ.  Our crew spreads and fastens the deck to the joist with Hilti Fasteners (Pin & Shot) and Screwed side laps.  Our crew is also CWB certified to weld the deck.

PSS Penticton Inside railing 2

Miscellaneous Metals


Miscellaneous metals may include STAIRS, RAILINGS (both handrails and guardrails), ACCESS LADDERS to name a few.

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